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Cactus Terrace
A patch of countless little plants. Those who step on them will surely induce their rage.

— In-game Description

The Cactus Terrace is a room in the Cyan Area of the game, Ib. It is a room filled with patches of cacti, which can damage the rose of whomever touches it.

If Ib reads the sign at the start of this room, Garry (should he be with her) will offer to navigate the cacti path himself. When either one starts, the Mayhem of Color painting at the start of the room will chase them. They must grab the two pieces of Guertena's painting within the maze, and to destroy the Mayhem of Color, they must step on the Black Rose at the end.

Interactive ObjectsEdit


  • If Garry talks to Ib while she is awaiting his return, Ib will remark not to get thorns in his coat. Afterwards, her "red eyes will stare intently" at him.
  • If Ib comes without Garry, she cannot read the word "Terrace."