Box Room
The Box Room is the first room of the Brown Area in the game Ib. It is filled with boxes and headless statues.

Mary will prevent Ib from entering the next door, reminding her that they had to help Garry. To progress, Ib must examine a box with a palette knife. Mary will joke that they can use the knife to cut the vines, but will keep it for herself just in case. Afterwards, Ib must examine a box with worn brushes. The lights will flicker, and a red headless statue will block the exit back to the Violet Area. It will be unmovable, so Ib and Mary are forced to continue without Garry.

When the boxes and stool are examined after the lights flicker, extra descriptions will be added regarding their contents.

Interactive ObjectsEdit

  • Boxes
    • One filled with various kinds of paint
      • The red paint is missing...
    • One filled with yellowed drawing paper
      • For some reason, it's wet...
    • One with various painting tools, including a Palette Knife (must be collected to progress)
      • The box smells terribly moldy...
    • One with worn brushes (must be examined after collecting the knife)
      • Looking closer, they're made with hair...
  • Headless statues
    • A red headless statue, which will block the exit after the aforementioned boxes are examined
  • A stool stuck to the ground (Mary claims she'd like to take it)
    • The stool is ice-cold...
  • A sketch of some strange thing