A pretty blue rose. As it wilts, so do you.

— Game Description

Blue Rose
Wilted Blue Rose
Description A pretty blue rose. It's slightly withered. (Ib)

A pretty blue rose. It's looking very healthy. (Ib (after healing))
A pretty blue rose. As it wilts, so do you. (Garry)

Owned by Garry
Color Blue

The Blue Rose is a rose in the game Ib. Like the Red Rose that symbolizes Ib's life, the Blue Rose symbolizes Garry's life in the Fabricated World. Should the Blue Rose lose all of its petals, Garry will die. The rose has ten petals, unlike Ib's, which has five petals.


The Blue Rose is located in the locked room in the Red Area. The locked room has to be be opened with a small key obtained from Garry's hand. Inside the room, the Blue Rose is seen to be having its petals torn off by the Lady in Blue.

If Garry receives enough points on his Doom Counter, at the end of the game, inside the Toy Box, Mary will want to trade Ib's rose with Garry's rose. Garry will agree to the trade, and Mary will run off, plucking all the petals in the process. The hallway will be littered with blue petals, and Garry will die before they can make it. Ib will watch as Mary plucks the rest of the rose, leaving it dead on the floor. Killing Garry would allow her to be free from the cursed gallery (unless Ib kills her).


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