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Lady in Red-Idle
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Blue Doll
Damage Dealt 1 petal
Speed Slow
Hello there, Garry... I don't like being alone... Take me with you...!

— Blue Doll

The is an enemy in the game Ib that seems to have a special relevance to the story.


The is a blue rag doll. It has stubby black hair, red eyes, and it wears a pink dress. Other s are seen throughout the game, donning dresses of either white, orange, yellow, green, or even pink as well. Inside of them is a red liquid, presumably paint, that represents blood.


Screenshot 91

A beheaded doll.

The doll appears the first time when Garry is searching for a way to Ib and Mary after their separation in the Violet Area. The doll lies on the floor, seemingly communicating per wall writings, asking Garry to take it with him. However, Garry chooses not to and the player cannot decide otherwise.

Later in the game, more s appear in the Doll Room, each with a different height and colored dress, together with the Red Eyes painting. This doll asks Garry to play "hide and seek," in which Garry must find a key hidden inside one of them to escape the Doll Room before Red Eyes finishes climbing out of its painting and drives Garry insane, which adds two points to his doom counter.

They also appear later inside of the Toy Box, where one of them hands over Ib's rose to Mary if the player finds the Pink Key before Ib's Red Rose. When Mary leaves or the player finds the Pink Key after finding Ib's Red Rose, the dolls attack Ib alongside the other creatures.

s appear in the Violet Room of the True Guertena Exhibit, including the one that Garry decapitated.

Wall Writings

  • "Hello there, Garry... I don't like being alone... Take me with you...!" - Encounter 1.
  • "Hey, why aren't you taking me?" - Encounter 2.
  • "Why are you ignoring me? Do you hate me?" - Encounter 3.
  • "Hey, play with me! I know lots of fun things we can do..." - Encounter 4.
  • "I've got lots of friends, too... I'll introduce you!" - Encounter 5.
  • "Be here forever..." - Encounter 5.
  • "T A K E M E" - Encounter 6.
  • "I T H U R T S I T H U R T S" - Encounter 6 (kicked).
  • "I'll always be with you... My home is just nearby..." - Encounter 7.
  • "It's all your fault my head was plucked off..." - Encounter 7 (kicked).
  • "Hey, what're you doing? I wanna play, too..." - Encounter 8 (during paintball quest).
  • "Whatcha doing? Whatcha doing? I wanna know!" - Encounter 8 (kicked).
  • "I picked up something good... (And I'm not giving it to you! -kicked) I'm making it my treasure!" - Encounter 9 (before the Doll Room).
  • "Welcome to our home..." - Doll Room.


  • In the Box Room, there is a box of paint in which the red paint is missing. This red paint was likely used to fill the red dolls, as they leak red paint whenever they are injured.


Ib and Garry on the cover of Quarterly Pixiv magazine Volume 10.
Palmtop Mary and the Blue Doll with the Mary phone strap.
Ib Figurines
Ib figurines.
Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop.

A Blue Doll and a mannequin head pestering Garry.
02 3
Mary holding the Blue Doll.
H 04
Franken mannequin and the Blue Doll with a witch hat (Halloween 2012).
「ハーイ!」 ("Hāi! - Hi!")
The Blue Doll's original design, but kouri discarded it because it wasn't scary enough.
The hanging Blue Doll.
The Blue Doll along with Mary.
Top 02
Mary hugging the Blue Doll.
Mary winning the Ib and Mary plush dolls from a claw machine.
Ib lottery promotional picture.
Ib halloween2012
Halloween 2012 Garry, Ib, and Mary.
Ib 2nd mary
"What Mary is Thinking of" (2nd Anniversary).
Ib enq a
Results of the official Ib favorite character poll.
Guertena lollipop chocolate based off of motifs of characters and Guertena's artworks.
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Mary in a kimono.
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Mary doodles.
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Item doodles.

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