The Blue Area is one of the areas of the cursed gallery in the game, Ib. As the name implies, the walls and floors of each room in the area is blue.

The area starts with Ib coming down from The Guertena Art Gallery onto a staircase in a hall with two similar paintings, one with a red background and one with blue. She then goes right into another hall where the words "Come, Come" are written on the walls. After walking through this, she finds a red rose and picks it up. It will have three petals on it. She walks into a room where there is a picture of a girl with blue hair and a blue key on the floor. She picks the key up, and the painting's faces changes. She walks out. The hallway is now filled with the words "Thief" instead of "Come, Come". You can now put the rose in the vase, restoring it to five petals. As she walks, the word  "Thief" writes itself on the floor. She walks into the final hall in the blue area, where there is a picture of a fish, a writing desk (save station), and a blue door, which leads to the Green Area


There are a few notes on the walls regarding parts of the game.

  • "You and the rose are ??? (unified). Know the weight of your own life."
  • "When the rose ???s (rots), so too will you ??? (rot) away."


The paintings encountered in this area.


  • This is the smallest, and shortest area of the game.
  • This is the only area without any hazards or enemies.