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Black Rose
Black Roses are malicious roses found within the Dungeon of the Fabricated World in the game Ib. They are a form of life force for certain artworks and traps. There are two Black Roses located within the Dungeon.


Black Rose Spears

The Black Rose in the room of the large needles.

The first Black Rose is seen in the Orange Area, in the northern part of the room where Mistake is found. Large needles will be shooting out from the back wall of the zigzagging hallway, but when Ib steps on the Black Rose at the end and destroys it, they will cease.

The second Black Rose is in the Cyan Area, in the Cactus Terrace. It bears the life force of the Mayhem of Color painting, which will try to chase Ib or Garry as either one attempts to brave the maze. If either one steps on the Black Rose at the end (it is behind a piece of Guertena's painting), the Mayhem of Color will vanish.