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The Black Area is one of the areas of the cursed gallery in the game Ib. As the name implies, the entire flooring of each room in the area is black. It continues from the Cyan Area, and is the final area of Ib and Garry's adventure through the Dungeon.


After passing through the painting of Guertena in the Cyan Area, Ib and Garry (should the latter be alive) will start out before a wide staircase. The stars lead to a bed sculpture called the Final Stage, protected by a fence. A healing vase will be near the left to heal Ib's rose, then once used, she can push it forward and pass the fence. If Ib (should she be without Garry) chooses to sleep on the Final Stage, and continue to sleep, she will dream of her 9th birthday and eventually fall into eternal slumber, receiving the Ib All Alone ending. But if Garry is with her, he will stop Ib from sleeping on it.

They must walk past the sculpture and open a treasure chest containing the Black Key. The chest will disappear and allow them entry into the normal gallery. From here, as in the normal game, Ib and Garry must exit the Fabricated World through the mural of the same name and receive the respective ending the player worked to achieve. Afterwards, using the Black Key, the player can enter the True Guertena Exhibit.