Balls of paint...? I wonder where those are...

— Garry

Seven Paintballs Room

The Balls of Paint are seven paint balls of different colors and are located in the Violet Area in the game Ib. They are needed to create the rainbow bridge to the Brown Key in the Brown Area.

In Welcome to the World of Guertena, the White Ball of Paint can be seen in front of the Strained Ear, in the upper-left corner of the Doll Room.


  • Yellow Ball - Bottom-left corner of the main room (appears after reading the instructions for this puzzle).
  • Blue Ball - Solve Juggling's code (6223).
  • Purple Ball - Left side of the Gas Room.
  • Green Ball - inside Essentials of Color book in Tree Room.
  • Pink Ball - in upper-right quadrant of Tree Room (you must complete all other objectives to get here).
  • Red Ball - Inside the Blue Doll beside the Doll Room (after Mary's secret has been read).
  • White Ball - Inside the Doll Room.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, the Balls of Paint are scattered throughout the Violet Room. They cannot be examined.

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