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Ant Painting

Ant Painting

Ant Painting Info

Type of Artwork Painting
Location Green Area
True Guertena Exhibit
Description A depiction of an ant. Remarkably detailed.
Usage Crossing a gap (Green Area)
oh. that's my painting. it's just as cool as i remember it. *stare* [sic]

— Ant

The Ant Painting is a painting in the Green Area of the game Ib. It was based from the ant that roams around the Green Area, located on the northern hall of said area.


Squished Ant

The ant painting's depiction after Ib walks over it.

The ant painting can be used as a bridge to cross a hole to the east side of the Green Area. After Ib gets past the hallway of claws, she can take the painting off the wall, bring it to the hole, and lay it down as a bridge. She will squish the ant in the painting upon crossing (without affecting the living ant in the Green Area). After she gets the Green Key and the headless statue chases her, Ib can cross the painting again and break a hole in it. The headless statue will fall in when trying to chase.