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The letter's are all blurred... I can't read this.

— Mary

A ????? (Girl)'s Demise (called A Girl's Last Days in early versions) is a book found in the Brown Area of the game Ib. It is located in the small room in the lower-left corner of the main area. It is right next to the wall dividing either half of the room, on the left side.


"Once upon a time, there was a little girl."

"The girl ????? (went with her parents to) an art gallery (??????)."

"But all of a sudden, the girl realized that she was lost..."

"She searched through the dim gallery, but found neither ???? (her parents) nor the exit..."

"Scared, helpless, lonely, ????? (hungry, and thirsty), she fell and hurt herself, putting her body past the limit..."

...The last page has an illustration of a collapsed girl...

Note: The question marks in the above text appear only when Mary herself is reading it when the player controls her in the route for A Painting's Demise.


This book seemingly tells the story of Ib herself, a little girl who visited the Guertena Art Gallery with her parents, but was suddenly lost. Earlier in the Gray Area, Ib even fell and collapsed, before Garry saved her. The book could connect to the Ib All Alone endings, when Ib ends up alone and lost. The book may discuss her fate after she becomes lost.