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...Don't read this kind of stuff until you get older.

— Garry

??? is a book in the Violet Area in the game Ib. It is located in the upper-left corner of the room where Separation is found.

The title and most of the text is illegible because Garry refuses to read it for Ib. The implied reason is that the book is filled with adult content.

After Ib attempts to read the book, Garry will close it, telling her not to read this stuff until she gets older. If Ib examines the book with Mary in company, Mary will want to know what it says, telling Garry to read it for her, but he would rather not. She will demand why, and Garry will reply that it is too soon for them.


"??? by the ???, I ??? my finger over her beautiful ???..."

"With her ???, she..."

Garry closed the book...


「私はその ?めかしく
美しい??に 指を?らせ……」

「???を?えさせる彼女を そのまま……」

ギャリーに 本を閉じられた……

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